How to Build Math Confidence in Your Struggling Math Student

You don’t always think about suggesting a fraction calculator when a student gets the answers wrong. For some, a struggling student can be thought of as a lazy person who didn’t bother to attempt the work assignment, but the real problem might be the fact they’re struggling to understand. Now, most students don’t like to say they’re having issues with the work because they don’t want to be thought of as a ‘bit behind’, or needing extra help and that’s why you have to be able to recognize when a student needs help. However, sometimes it’s all down to a lack of confidence and it might be time to build that up. So, how can you build confidence with a struggling math student?

Consider Using an Algebra Solver

Sometimes, you can talk through the way in which the math problem is solved and even offer a dozen examples, but it’s hard to grasp what is being said. Some math students can struggle to fully understand how they reach the final answer and they get frustrated so they refuse to learn. However, if you could show them how the answer is achieved, it’s potentially easier for the student to understand and even build confidence in them. You could use a fraction calculator or a math solver to help them understand how the answer is reached. More details!

Reduce Their Workload And Encourage Them

Overloading a student with dozens of math problems every lesson is not smart. Students don’t need to be overwhelmed when they’re struggling and that’s why you have to reduce their workload. Why reduce the load if you want them to learn? Well, it’s about allowing the student to cope with the workload they have and take things at a steady pace they’re comfortable with. What is more, you can encourage them every step they take. You could get them to use an algebra solver to help them along and when they reach a personal milestone in math, praise their efforts. You can gradually increase their load to something which they can handle comfortably.

Use Math Games To Make Learning Easier To Grasp

You can use a fraction calculator to encourage a student to understand math and to even build on their confidence also, but, there are many others ways to help. Have you considered math games? You could make learning fun again and it’s useful to look at building up confidence within a struggling math student. Of course, you don’t always think about math games with a struggling student and yet, it could be the best way for them to learn and build on their confidence. Remember, when you don’t fully understand something you feel a bit stupid and so you don’t like the idea of being foolish around others; however, math games can change those feelings for students.

Be Positive

Math is not an easy subject no matter how smart a student can be. People can be quite knowledgeable on many subjects, but math is different and is very confusing for many. However, if you can keep a positive attitude and encourage a struggling math student, they can overcome the issues they face. What is more, calculators and problem solvers may be a solution to consider so that the student can understand a little more about how they come up with the answers. Why not let a struggling student use an algebra solver, it might help somewhat. For more information visit:

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