Is Problem Solving a Math Teacher’s Dilemma?

Whether you encourage a child to use a math calculator or try to explain each step of the problem to the child, math is not always an enjoyable subject. There are thousands of children who like school and who like to study; but when it comes to math, it’s a completely different matter entirely. However, a lot of math teachers believe problem solving or a child’s lack of ability to problem solve in math is not their concern. So, is problem solving a math teacher’s dilemma or does it fall onto the parents shoulders?

The Teacher Must Take Responsibility for the Child’s learning

When a child doesn’t learn during an hour’s math lesson, whose fault is that? Math problem solving is not easy and even if you have a fair understanding of math, there are some areas which are almost impossible to understand. For children, they can struggle so very easily and that’s a major concern for all parents. However, when it comes to problem solving the responsibility does fall onto the teacher’s shoulders. Why is that? They are the ones creating the lesson plan, and they are the ones who are supposed to be teaching the child. If a child struggles, they should identify that so they can help the child through their math lesson. Being a good math solver is great, but if the teacher cannot identify the child that needs help, what good are they? Read on to find out more.

Not Taking Quick Enough Action

In all honesty, there are many math teachers that notice problems with a child’s learning and take action to help them get back on track and to the same level as everyone else. However, that isn’t always the case and when children fall behind or struggle with math it really does fall on the teacher’s head. Remember, the parents aren’t in school with the child, and they might not be able to help with their homework either. However, the teacher is the one teaching the child and that means whatever they learn is down to them during school hours. You can encourage the child to use a math calculator but if they don’t understand math problems in general, what use is it?

Teacher Are the First Action-Taker

Children can’t always see when they are failing. Children don’t always ask for help. However, as a teacher, they should be able to see there are issues with the child and to take them to one side to find where the problem lies. Math is not easy for any adult, never mind a child, but when you want to become a good math solver, you have to think about the child first. If you’re a teacher, you must take action to help the child with their learning issues.

Take an Active Role in Education

While parents have some responsibility for their child’s learning, they aren’t able to go to school with them, and aren’t math teachers either. They are putting their trust in the teachers to help teach their children and that means when a student has a poor understanding of a subject like math, it’s because of the teacher and their lack of awareness for that student in particular. Its unfortunate the teacher gets the blame when a child struggles at school but it’s because they are the ones who are supposed to help them through their education. Getting a math calculator is all well said and done but without the child’s understanding of the math problem, they don’t help anyone. Continue reading

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